About Trinculo

Trinculo is an english ceilidh dance band, which emerged from the vibrant folk music scene of Sheffield in 2002, formed from a group of friends who played regularly for Sheffield University Ceilidh Society. The band comprises of musicians who all have a rich grounding in both dancing and playing for dance, enabling them to produce music that naturally flows to dancing feet. Ontop of the naturally infectious rhythms, the combination of fiddle, melodeon and sax encompass each other, creating a thick harmonic sound. The music is rooted in English folk heritage, with additional influences stolen from the Scandinavian folk traditions.

What is english ceilidh?

Ceilidh (pronounced 'kaylee') is another description for the more commonly known barn dance, but implies a more riotous and eclectic variation. English ceilidhs involve dances in 'sets', with moves described by a caller. Just about any ceilidh is suitable for beginners, and in fact many dancers say that making mistakes is just as fun as getting it right... Ceilidhs are really inclusive, great fun and can be as energetic or genteel as each dancer wants.

"Rock solid guitars and bass underpin driving melodeons. Fiddle, sax and whistles weave in and out of carefully chosen tunes; traditional and self penned. Five grins (Six if you count the caller). If Trinculo doesn't make you want to dance, check you still have feet."

More quotesBaz Parkes (Caller / All Blacked Up)

Trinculo at Sidmouth 2011