Rock solid guitars and bass underpin driving melodeons. Fiddle, sax and whistles weave in and out of carefully chosen tunes; traditional and self penned. Five grins (Six if you count the caller). If Trinculo doesn't make you want to dance, check you still have feet.

Baz Parkes (Caller / All Blacked Up)

Trinculo is a total delight to dance to and to call with. They deliver interesting tunes with bags of lift and a distinct style. The music is fun and exuberant so you will find keeping your feet still an impossible challenge!

Martyn Harvey (Caller)

Any band that comes from the Sheffield folk scene is normally pretty special, but when they've stormed the scene as much as the Trincs have over the last few years you know they're definitely a must see... and see, and see, and see...

Pete Rees (Caller)

Vibrant, exciting band of stunning musicianship, effortless to call with and brilliant to dance to.

Sue Coe (Caller and Event Organiser)

Trinculo are always a pleasure to work with and are even better to dance to. Their spectacular arrangements pick you up and get you moving, even when your legs ache or you're so tired you should really be asleep! This fine band are a must see!

Phil Bassindale (Caller)