Nigel Holmes (guitar) started playing as a youth with various dodgy pop bands. He sort of fell into folk in his late 20s, and is now a bit of a ceilidh band tart, playing bass with both Hekety and Glorystrokes, and has partaken in Abba and queen themed ceilidh bands with Martyn and Eliza Carthy.
Aisling Holmes (fiddle) started playing as a youth with in sessions with her dad in Kent. She moved up north for uni in 2000, and was quickly accelerated to sheffield uni ceilidhsoc president by 2002. She dances rapper with Triskele, and cotswold morris with Pecsaetan

Nick Cooke (melodeons) started playing as a youth with the Bristol Morris Men. He has since played in an assortment of bands, including the Jim Moray Trio and Glorystrokes. The former has taken him to the heady heights of performing in The Albert Hall, Trafalgar Square, and in the Radio 2 Folk Awards. He has danced with Black Swan Rapper when he lived up north, and currently has returned to the fine art of hanky waving with the world famous Hammersmith Morris Men.

Lee O'Donnell (Bass guitar) also started playing as a youth with various dodgy pop bands, primarily on the keyboards. He found folk music through sheffield uni ceilidhsoc, and eventually succumbed to learning the melodeon too, on which he played for border morris side Boggarts Breakfast for several years. He also plays in Glorystrokes, on the keys, guitar and the laptop.

Jemma Gurney (Whistles and Soprano Sax) started playing as a youth on flute, having been taken to folk camps as her annual holiday since she was a baby. She discovered that whistles were a lot less hard work whilst partaking in the rather brilliant folkworks youth summer school, and at some point also found that whilst the sax was a lot more hard work, it made a lot more noise. She took over being sheffield uni ceilidhsoc president from Ais in 2003, and does the sexy hanky waving with Pecsaetan morris.